The very idea of an academic institute approaching industry for technical opportunities, wherein the institute could play a role of solution provider, is both innovative and novel. We see this as one of the many practical ways to bridge the industry academia gap. We firmly believe that enough has been spoken on the issue and it is a good idea to take steps in this direction.

Step 1

Proactively look for and judiciously select an industry opportunity based on available resources.

Step 2

Actively engage with the selected industries to establish the need and frame a project outline.

Step 3

Involve internal project teams of experts to establish clear cut deliverables and fix associated timelines. We clearly communicate that, being an academic institute we will need some flexibility on time lines. This is done on mutually agreed basis.

Step 4

Once the discussions are over, the industry signs an agreement with institute and a PO is released by industry based on commercial negotiations. Negotiations with us are fairly simple as our main focus is on technical opportunity and we use a simple cost+ approach.

Step 5

Internal Project teams, comprising of subject matter experts, faculties and students, as the need may be, work on the project and an initial approach document or POC is created and shared with client. This step is required to ensure both the teams are on a common page.

Step 6

Depending on complexity of project, single or multiple review meetings may be held with client over the project life cycle to ensure project is moving in the right direction.

Step 7

Project team completes the project and the final product/solution is handed over to the client and a sign off taken.

Step 8

If the product/solution needs post-sales support, the same will be provided on case to case basis.