Mr. Neeraj Goel
President's Message

Industry and Academia are bound to benefit from each other in ways that we cannot fathom today. BITS is our effort towards that ultimate goal of seamless integration between industry and academia.
We believe that when industry and academia will come together, the stakeholders from either side will derive benefits out of the collaboration. Students will work on real projects and learn real time and in line with industrial needs while the efforts of teams lead by faculty members will create cost effective solutions for the industry. Industry will have an extend support arm, which is reliable by it's nature and capable by it's credentials, at no additional cost implications. A genuine win-win.
Mr. Sachin Goel
Vice President's Message

The SME sector in India faces a dilemma today. On one hand, it needs technical solution to address the issues that are faced at ground level and on the other, the existing consultants are way beyond their financial reach. Thus the SME sector is plush with Jugaad (workaround) solutions that are inefficient and risky. BITS initiative can cater to this unfulfilled need and help the organization in SME sector with professional technical solutions. Further, cost optimization will help the solutions come under the reach of the SME sector. We also gain through learnings in each assignment, which can then translate into improved academic environment.
Mr. Raghunandan Kansal
Advisor's Message

In western countries, a lot of innovation in industry is driven by academic research. This results in society getting the best of both the worlds and the collaboration improves the general standard of society in the long run. I see every reason that a model, customized to Indian realities, on similar lines will bring in long term gains for our society also. Our consulting initiative BITS is a step in that direction.
Mr. Ajay Singh
COO's Message

Technical education is all about getting youth equipped with technical skills to be ready for real world challenges. In today’s fast paced and highly competitive environment, skills demonstrated through ability to apply knowledge in solving real world problems is of paramount importance. We at BITS are aggressively working to foster a strong industry engagement across branches of engineering to create a skills continuum.
We firmly believe in the learn-apply-learn-refine-reapply cycle for continuous improvement and when students go through this cycle in practice, they come out beaming with pride and self-confidence. They are going to be great assets for our industry and also will be formidable pillars of our society. Thus we create a win for the industry and college in particular, but we do create a win for society also.