Building Industrial Technical Solution, is an attempt towards creating optimized technical solutions for industry and at the same time answering the question – How do we get engineers industry ready?

Over the last decade, it has clearly been established that engineering education in it’s current form is able to contribute to development of an engineer to only a limited extend. We are able to develop the conceptual knowledge to an extent, but are lagging hugely in terms of application of the knowledge to solve real problems of life. This is a dilemma, as engineers are expected to solve problems and we are producing engineers who are not able to do this exactly.

At BITS we are trying to address this challenge through creating an atmosphere wherein institute integrate with industry, understand the issues faced by industry and then come back and work with teams of experts, faculty and engineering students. While the destination of this journey is an optimized cost effective and engineering based solution, the real strength of the initiative lies in the journey itself. The toiling, failures and rising-again cycles, the team building and friction resolution efforts and then the ultimate success.
This grind will sow in an engineer, an attitude of patience, endurance and hard-work and at the same time will help him become a team player with practical skills and ability to apply knowledge. All this will remain his assets for a life time.

BITS is a work in progress.

BITS has been providing services to industry over last couple of years. It has earned accolades for the methodical approach and relentless efforts of the team in converting challenges into optimized solutions.