Intex Technologies, one of the leading Indian companies has a strong presence in Consumer electronics, Consumer Durables, Mobile Phones etc. It aims to provide easy access to latest technologies and smart value for money products. In keeping with this philosophy, Intex asked us to build Wi-Fi communication capabilities in one of it’s most popular Tower audio systems. The audio was to be played at the slave towers in stereo mode and the same was to be controlled using a remote control.

The project: ‘wireless communication of audio signals between the source (which could be a mobile phone or a line in source) and the master and slave units of tower speakers.’

This was one of our first projects with industry and we delivered it within expected and agreed timelines. Intex issued us a letter of appreciation for our efforts. A team of their senior management team including a few directors visited our college and felicitated the team members.

Skills Used

  • Firmware development of pure path configuration software (Texas Instruments) for audio system.
  • PROTEUS sub module (ARES) (PCB designing on this software)
  • Protyping designing of PCB NVIS – 72 (PCB designing machine)
  • Simulation of circuit on PROTEUS – 7 ISIS using audio analyzer.
  • Audio CODEC – TLV320AIC3101IRHB (IC)
  • Wireless Communicator – CC8531 (pure path wireless) (2.5 Hz radio + arm CORTEX M0).