LGF Sysmac

Project Title: To design and develop a “Hinges/Rotary Handle Operating Life Testing Machine”

 Established in 2000, LGF SYSMAC has been a market leader in offering a wide range of products and complete solutions catering to individual demands of the Construction & Building industry. Since its conception, the company has grown in strength and has become an organization active throughout India, with recent inroads being made into neighboring countries.

LGF relationship with ABESEC started with the signing of the industry-academia alliance agreement in 2017. Over time, with relationship reaching matured stage, the company gave ABESEC team a requirement that was critical to them: Manufacturing a machine that could automatically test the operations of door/window handles and hinges over a specific number of cycles. In the doors and windows industry, samples backed by such tests are important in authenticating claims on expected life of above components.

Our team worked on this challenge and over a period of six months, converted a thought into a special purpose machine that has performed up to client’s expectations. The project was indeed very challenging and it took multiple rounds of thought meetings, simulation sessions, rapid prototyping applications and actual manufacturing efforts to get the end product into shape which is named as Mark 1 (LGF Sysmac Hinges/Rotary Handle Operating Life Testing Machine).

Client Speaks:

The client was super impressed by our dedication and hard work and after seeing the machine that they got this solution patented as well along with the name of ABESEC.

Appreciation letters: Attached

  • CAD design
  • Manufacturing Knowledge
  • Rapid Prototyping
  • Mould designing
  • Welding
  • Casting
  • CNC
  • Programming
  • Pneumatic Controls
  • Embedded designs