RO health monitoring & reporting system

Patent application no.: TEMPE – 1 / 23795 / 2018 – DEL, Reference no.: 201811022492
This solution is an incremental innovation which provides a mechanism for monitoring & reporting the health condition of a water purifying system. It comprises of a sensor adapted to measure TDS of the purifying system on a continuous basis. It also has a transceiver adapted to transmit & receive using short message service (SMS) and a microcontroller coupled to the sensor & transceiver creating augmented intelligence. The microcontroller is adapted to receive the signals from sensors based on TDS level. Based on query by the service operator, the transceiver can answer the same by sending a report through an SMS message. This saves service cost & adds to the profit of company.

Skills Used

  • Manufacturing of TDS sensor.
  • GSM 900 using AT commands